So Much To Be Grateful For

“And the man of God answered, “The LORD has much more to give you than this.” (2 Chronicles 25:9)

Amaziah had hired 100,000 mercenaries to defend Judah at great cost to the national treasury.  The prophet told him to ditch the mercenaries and to trust God to deliver them from their enemies.  Amaziah, reasonably, was concerned about the loss of money involved in doing what God said.

And the verse above is God’s answer.  No matter what the cost involved in extricated yourself from sin and turning to the Lord, remember, “The LORD has much more to give you than this.”  There is no value in clinging to that which destroys us when the Great Giver is prepared to provide ever more abundantly beyond our imagination what we need.  His storehouses are far superior to Satan’s.

Matthew 4:4 #Biblebites

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