Urges vs. Actions

“Give her the product of her hands, and let her works praise her in the gates.” (Proverbs 31:31)

One of the basic tenets of Christianity is that you are defined by your choices not your urges.  Wanting to be productive is not the same as being productive and desiring to do the right thing isn’t the same as actually doing it.

Sin is a choice and faith is a choice.  That is why Jesus rightly said, “Therefore, by their fruits you shall know them.” (Matt 7:20).  Somedays you are going to want to be lazy, but that doesn’t define you – you can still choose to get out of bed and do something.  Some days you are going to be tempted, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow through on those urges.

There is a joy in knowing that the struggle isn’t a bad thing – it is a sign of someone choosing behavior that will praise them in the gates even when it didn’t come easily.

Matt 4:4 #Biblebites

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