The Voice of the Heart

“Before I had finished speaking in my heart…” (Gen 24:45)

These are the words of Abraham’s most trusted servant. This servant is never named, but he is described as an older man that was in charge of all of Abraham’s possessions.

This unnamed servant is sent on a strange mission with little hope of succeeding. He is commissioned with finding a bride for Isaac from amongst Abraham’s extended family. He must travel to that unseen country and ask a woman to come with him to a foreign land and marry a man she had never met.

So he prayed.

He prayed that God would work out the details. He prayed for guidance and for clarity in his mission. And he called that prayer, “speaking in my heart”. An effective prayer is a heartfelt prayer. Jesus tells us we won’t be heard just because we say many words (Matt 6:7). The wise sage, Solomon says that you can recognize a fool’s voice because of his “many words” (Eccl 5:3).

It isn’t how much you say, but where the words come from.

To whom does your heart speak?


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