Remember Him

“But you did not depend on Him who made it, nor did you take into consideration Him who planned it long ago.” (Isaiah 22:11)

Isaiah warned that Jerusalem had become a great and mighty city, but as their prosperity had increased, their remembrance of God diminished.  They beautified their city while forgetting the Planner and Architect… and then when that security was threatened they tried to fix the problem themselves without turning to God who built them in the first place.

The goal in life is not to become so comfortable here that we forget about God.  The goal is to rejoice in the world He has crafted and be filled with gratitude and faith in the Almighty One that could conceive of such a wondrous thing.  Do not let the marvels of cell phones, running water, combustion engines, and avocado toast cause you to place your faith in them.

If these luxuries do not lead to gratitude, eventually, they will be taken away because we didn’t consider Him who gave them to us.

The answer to the terrors our society is facing isn’t better infrastructure or a healthier economy.  It isn’t better policy and economic relief, either.  It’s a return to God.  It is a heartfelt, genuine national return to our Creator who plans and creates all nations.

Matthew 4:4 #Biblebites

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